Speaking with Beauty & Nail's professionals a recurring theme keeps coming up; the struggle they go through when trying to manage their time, their bookings and their clients. As well as their own lives, especially if they also have a family.


If you are not able to manage these areas effectively, it can quickly overwhelm your life, and your family will be wondering why you are always on your phone or not able to spend time with them.


If you started your business with the dream of creating more freedom or financial wealth in your life, you need to make sure you have the correct process in place to stay on top of your business. 


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Our Solution Can Take Care Of So Many Of The Business Processes That Frustrates You And That Takes You Away From The Things That Are Important



Automated Booking System

Automated Client Reminders

No Show Management

Online Booking Diary & Bio

Customer Reviews

Facebook Integration

Display Services Online

Customer App

Social Media Management

Linked With Google Diary

Linked With Stripe Payment

Linked With Quickbooks

Take Deposits On Bookings

Text & Email Marketing

Customer Contact Forms

Plus Much More!

Simplify, Automate & Streamline Business Processes


Managing your business does not need to be difficult or consume hours of your time communicating with clients, marketing, managing bookings & getting referrals. Here at Solution Sense, we can fully support your business with a world class all in one sales, marketing, and business management software to suit your companies specific needs. 


How much more effective could your business be if you could manage everything from just one cloud-based platform that you can use on any digital device. Whether it's managing your time, marketing your services or taking payments. You can manage your whole business with just a few clicks of your mouse, making you more effective, efficient and profitable. 


Generate More Leads






Manage Clients With Ease





Effectively Manage Your Time


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Our Guarentee:

If our solution does not save you time, hassle, stress as well as save and make you money, then...we will give you your money back.