Most businesses are now using some sort of CRM to support their growth, and if you want to manage growth, reduce costs, gain competitive advantage and streamline your processes, then a CRM is exactly what you need. CRM's have been around for many years with millions of businesses utilising their benefits. So what are some of the main benefits to using a CRM to help support your businesses and why is it a vital tool that if you are not currently using, you should seriously think about using.


1) Improving Communications with Customers

If you didn’t already know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. So the clue is in the title, it helps you manage your customers. With how technology is these days, many businesses fall foul to not communicating with their customers enough and hence they suffer from a poor retention rate. As with any good CRM system, it will record all electronic communication you have ever had with that customer, whether that be via email, text or online chat. This is key for if you ever need to look back over a conversation you have had with that customer for one reason or another. In a world where to most successful companies are customer focused, CRM takes you a step closer to being amongst the best. A CRM also allows, you to track financials, pipeline progressions of potential customers, add notes and set reminders against that customer, and of course, it keeps a record of all their personal information… with their permission of course. With all this just at your fingertips on every customer you have or had, it makes your company so much more efficient and effective, saving you loads of time and hassle with not having a CRM in place.


2) Increasing Sales and Lead Generation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been proved to increase sales by up to 29%. If that is not a good enough reason alone for you to be using a CRM then I don’t know what is. With CRM's integrating with many other systems and even your website, it's never been easier for you to easily capture potential customer information and then walk them through your sales pipeline, monitoring them at every step and staying on top of communications and tasks to turn that prospect into a lifelong customer. You will also be able to respond to any queries faster, thanks to the system alerting you of a new message/email so you can be fast and provide an excellent service that will go a long way towards gaining them as a new customer.


3) Improving Customer Retention and Loyalty

Along with making communications with your customer a whole lot simpler, an effective CRM will help you keep your customer happier, for longer. Making it quicker and easier to gain customer feedback and create a targeted marketing campaign, made to support your customer and keep them in the loop about any special offers, new products or exciting news about your company that because of them being a customer, may never have happened. Thanks to the ability to use tag's and segmenting customer into groups, all the headache of sifting through customer in a spreadsheet and manually selecting which customer gets sent what is long gone. Even better is to have a cloud-based system which stores all that power online so you can access it from anywhere in the world.


4) How a CRM Helps Reduce Costs in your Business

As your company develops, your operations are bound to become more complicated. CRM software will help you in streamlining your numerous processes with the aid of automating your operations. This can result in more accurate and real-time data which will allow you to perform more effectively. A CRM will dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of your business as you'll be capable of implementing more complex, effective processes. As the CRM will provide you with accurate real-time information, allowing you to make vital decision quicker, it will also help reduce your operational and administrative costs.


5) How a CRM can help keep your data secure

Since the new GDPR can into effect, data security has been one of the main priorities for a business, as they cannot be seen to be allowing their customer information falling into the wrong hands where it could be misused.  A secure cloud-based system that stores all customer information behind multiple firewalls and encryptions is a must to prevent any foul play. A modern CRM will house your customer information to make it as hard as possible for hackers steal and to even prevent your own staff member to misusing, with the use of hierarchy levels, password protection and tracking data logs.


6) How a CRM Help Support you Marketing Efforts

Segmentation of your customer can hugely increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, whether they be email, direct mail, text, landing pages or phone calls. Knowing something about the person you are sending the marketing material too will likely increase the chance of conversion or build on customer loyalty.

Automation of email campaigns & data capture can save you hours of time. If a customer fills in a contact form on your website/landing page, your CRM can automatically collect their information, store it securely and automatically add them to a specific marketing campaign which will automatically start taking them through your sales funnel to convert them into a customer.

Personalised content means no more addressing the person receiving your marketing material as 'Dear Customer'. With modern day CRM systems, paired with a marketing campaign system, you can address your customer by their name and have the systems do it for you automatically. So from your customer point of view, it feels like a much more personalised email, rather than something that has also been sent to thousands of other people.



 So a CRM will help your business increase its sales and lead generation, make communications faster, better and more accurate, it will help increase customer loyalty and retention, save you hours of time and potentially thousands of pounds in wasted resources and administrative costs. Automate your marketing and sales funnel, giving your back that time to invest in other areas, and it will also keep all that information secure, out of the wrong hands.

If you would like to know more about whether a CRM system is right for your business, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you through the process.



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