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Many businesses, especially in their early days of start-up struggle to get customers that will buy from them more than once and become a loyal, long term customer. Even if these customer's love the products or service they recieved, they can easily forgot you even existed if you do not stay in the fore front of their mind. 

The old saying in business is that it costs a business 5X more to gain a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer coming back. Yet so many businesses do not focus on keeping their customer's coming back and instead they only focus on new customer's. 

Let me ask you this. If it cost's you £50 to gain 1 new customer, but it only cost's you £10 to have an existing customer coming back, and you make the exact same sale value, why are so many businesses not focusing on building a great relationship with their current customer's?

Building a strong relationship with your customer's will not only help you make sales more easily, but it will also make them tell everyone they know about you. So you will generate referrals for free, again saving and making you more money. 

If you already have customer's, their is simply no negative at all with building a better, stronger relationship with them.


customer loyalty can create explosive business growth


How you can do this easily!


Now you might be asking, "This sounds like a great idea but i dont know how or where to start" that's fine, here are some general ideas of how you can get started with building a great relationship with your customers.

Create a customer list - Before you can build relationships with your customer's, you first need customer's. Now rule #1, never let a customer leave without capturing their basic contact information. Name, email, mobile, etc. This can be with the use of software, a contact form, a pen and paper, what ever method you choose to do it, just make sure you do it. 

Email Marketing - A simple and very cost effective way to stay in touch and tell your customer's more about you and your products, any special offers and any new releases you have.

SMS/Text Marketing - Currently on the increase as one of the best marketing methods for a high ROI. Although it is typically more expensive thab email marketing, you will see a much better response rate. However, this comes GDPR this may not be allowed any more so take advantage of it now!

Social Media - Keeping your fan coming back to your page to see what you have been up too, what's new, what other people are saying about you, etc. It is also another great way to gain new customers as well.

Blogs/Vlogs - Great for SEO, perfect for telling your customer's more about your company and informing them about interesting things that is happening in your industry. 

Events - Not many people even think about events for their business, but events are a great way to make new connections and also to create a sense of a community with your customer's. Especially if you have a closed door event for existing customer's only. Make it interesting, make it worthwhile for them to attend and you will see a brilliant increase in sales from the event and also help towards creating a excellent relationship with your customer's.

Gathering Feedback - How can you give your customer's what they want if you don't know what they want? Asking them for feedback is a great way to make them feel valued and to help you understand how to make their experience with your company even better.


We love our customers


What software should you use to help manage this from?


Now you have some general idea's of why this is a good idea for your business and some methods for building the relatinoships. You might now be thinking 'what systems can i use to do all this as easy as possible'.

Lucky for you, here at Solution Sense we are specilists in providing businesses with an all in one sale and marketing software and support. 

Allowing you to manage all communications, all marketing channels, blogs, events, social media, etc. All from one online platform. 

We even offer a FREE version and a PAYG option on some of our marketing tools! 


Please do no hesistate to get in touch with us right now, and we will get back to you straight away to assist you with advice or support. 

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Now get out there and start building relationships instead of looking for the next customer.


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