The Key to Repeat Business: Customer Engagement

Staying on the top of the mind of potential and current customers is the key to new and repeat business.  Mouse clicking through emails and checking the dairy takes away precious time and resources from the bottom line. Using effective business solutions to track interactions is vital to increasing productivity.


Is Emailing Dead?

No! Emailing is not dead. Email is still one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. Cleverly written effective email marketing campaigns will catch attention in busy inboxes. Timing is vital whether emails need to be sent daily or every few days and can be optimized by using a platform that specifically targets your businesses emailing needs. Email tracking and automation will give you the data that you need to see how your email campaigns are performing in real time. Check to see if your email was opened, spammed, or thrown in the rubbish bin by using a business management software that streamlines customer analytics including email reception.

Email engagement marketing measures the type and quality of interactions between your brand and the customers of the email marketing campaign. The latest updates on effective email engagement is not just measuring the standard metrics of open rate per send, click through rate per send, and conversation rate per send, but proposes to measure the customers. If it is the customers that we are aiming to engage with, then it is the customers that we should measure.


What to Measure…Customers? Campaigns?

What is the difference between measuring the customer and campaign engagement? Here is an example of the subtle but key differences. Assume your business sends out 4 marketing campaigns per month to the same base of customers. Each campaign has an average open rate of 10%. How many customers engaged in your campaign? If the same customers clicked to open the emails, then the rate stays at 10%- not increasing customer engagement. If with every campaign different customers are clicking to open your email, then that increases the open rate to 40%. The open rate doesn’t tell you about customer engagement- only measuring the email marketing campaigns performance.

Customer engagement contains the element of time. Customer relationships exist over time and longer-term customers should be differentiated by the email marketing campaigns stats. Using business solutions software to optimize customer engagement will streamline your access to analytics and enable you to acknowledge longer-term customers with specially targeted campaigns.