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How To Check For New Sales

Step 1 


Once logged into your system, go to the 'MISC ALERTS' tab on the top right (Blue) bar.

Step 2


Click on 'ONLINE PAYMENTS' to view any transactions that have came through online. 

Step 3


Here you can see all the options you have for recieving payments/sales online

Step 4


Click on 'FOR SALE' and it will show you all the transactions you currently need to process and complete. As you can see, there are little RED alerts on the tabs with something happening on them.

The 'PAY EPOS' button will take you to the EPOS section where you can process the payment. This is only really important for you to keep a record of the transactions that are coming through your business and to create/analyse reports about your services/products or staff performance. It is also helpful if you wish to create a marketing campaign targeting people who have purchased or not purchased a particular type of product/service.

Step 5


To see more details on the order and to alert your customer that you are processing their order, click 'Action Now'

Step 6


From here you can fully see the customers information, their shipping address, what products they have purchased, you can change the 'Order Status' and then send an email alerting the customer of the 'Status' of their order and in the orange box under the email, this allows you to automatically pull in that information into the email, to do this, just copy and paste into the email. The email already has some of this information in for you.

If you need any more assistance with finding and processing orders, please get in touch at [email protected] or go to our contact us page and complete the form.