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Welcome to Cobra Detailed

Hi, im Mark.


I started Cobra Detailed back in July 2016 after i was told on numerous occasions to turn what was then a hobby, into a business. 


As so many other professional detailers in the industry, i have always has a real passion for car's, motorbikes, racing, pretty much anything that goes fast and looks good. 


I hope to help you become more informed and educated on the benefits and advantages of vehicle detailing. I believe that informed people are not only in better positions to make better decisions, but make for better customers. Since I operate Cobra Detailed on the Win/Win concept, this process starts by helping you make informed decisions as well as creating a foundation of trust between you and me. 


This page with its accompanying links, is dedicated to helping you understand the role professional detailing services provides with maintaining the beauty and value of your cars. 


Welcome to Cobra Detailed

The Cobra Detailed Difference

Cobra Detailed means delivering detailing services in a way that simplifies your world, not complicates it even more. We all live busy lives and it seems to only get worse! The novelty and convenience of mobile detailing is obvious; what is not so obvious is who we can trust when it comes to our cars and our choice in professional detail services. Without some level of trust, no relationship can begin, let alone mature into something of value.


As already mentioned, there are a lot of people who do valets/detailing, and from my personal experience some are great but some really dont know what they are doing. I not only am constinatly refining my skills and techniques to perform the best work, i take real pride in my work an value the customer reaction and gratitude more so over the money i recieve for the work.


I take the upmost respect for customer vehicles as if they are all £1,000,000 super cars. 

The Cobra Detailed Difference

  • Professionalism & respect towards you are your vehicle
  • Superior products and techniques that produce superior results
  • Consistent level of quality that retains trust
  • Communications that create's a win-win

Let Me, Help You!

I've been detailing for over 6 years now, although i have only been in business for the past 2. My love of car's has always sparked a desire in my to maintain the appearence and workings of a car ever since i was a youg boy.


Over the past 2 years my customers have helped me understand what is expected from a detailer and the level of service and commitment they require when choosing the right detailing service.


I have learned that being committed to achieving my customers want, means delivering on their expectations.


I always look to build long term relationships with my clients and i know that can only happen and thrive when built on a foundation of trust & committment.

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Mark Nicholson 

Cobra Detailed