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Cobra Detailed Services

Detailed Wash 


An extremely safe monthly/biweekly wash using professional techniques and products to keep any vehicle detailed by me looking pristine so your car is always looking its best.

From £20 (Upto 2 hours work)



Maintenance Detail


A monthly/biweekly exterior and interior quick detail to keep Cobra Detailed vehicles feeling fresh inside as well as outside.

From £30 (Upto 3 hours work)


Interior Detailed


 An extensive process designed to rejuvenate the full interior of your vehicle. Including: Seats, Mats, Head Liner, Pillars, Spot Treat Carpet, Windows, Plastics, Seat Belts, etc.

From £60 (Upto 5 hours work)



Full Valet Detail


A methodical extensive clean of the interior & exterior of your vehicle aiming to make it feel like a new car again. Every nook and cranny will be detailed and transformed to a like new condition.

From £100 (Upto 7 hours work)



Protection Detail 


Designed to focus detailing efforts on the exterior of your vehicle completely decontaminating the surface and protecting every surface from the harsh elements giving upto 1 year paint protection!

From £100 (Upto 7 hours work)



Enhancement Detailed


A multi-stage exterior detail aiming to make your vehicle look as good as it can within a day. Aiming to remove 90% of paint defects and applying a coating of sealant for upto 1 year protection.

 From £150 (Upto 10 hours work)



Engine Bay Detail


A full cleaning of all accessible engine parts and protecting of components keeping grime and corrosion away.

From £20 (Upto 1 hour work)



Custom Detail


After having a chat with you, your vehicle may need a combination of different services so i will analyse what you need and present you with a custom package and price.



Other Services


We can also offer many more service from headlight restoration to extensive alloy wheel detailing, please call for any other query.





• Alloy wheel removal, cleaning, decontaminated and protected. £70  

• Wheel arches cleaned, de-greased and plastics rejuvenated. £70

• Both these combined £100

Cobra Detailed Services

Let Me, Help You!

I've been detailing for over 6 years now, although i have only been in business for the past 2. My love of car's has always sparked a desire in my to maintain the appearence and workings of a car ever since i was a youg boy.


Over the past 2 years my customers have helped me understand what is expected from a detailer and the level of service and commitment they require when choosing the right detailing service.


I have learned that being committed to achieving my customers want, means delivering on their expectations.


I always look to build long term relationships with my clients and i know that can only happen and thrive when built on a foundation of trust & committment.

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Mark Nicholson 

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