Posted On 28/Apr/2018 18:22 by Solution Sense

You've had a hectic morning. If it wasn't your colleagues clamoring for your attention, it was your phone ringing non-stop. Your coffee kept going cold before you even had a chance to taste it, and the afternoon is shaping up to be more of the same. But somehow in the midst of the chaos, you've managed to close a few deals.


You slip over to the yoga studio next door on your lunch hour, having earned some much deserved 'me' time.  But as you sink deeper into the Warrior pose, feeling empowered at prioritising your wellness and relaxation even on such a busy day, that prospective client you forgot you were meeting for lunch sits alone in a cafe across town. You scheduled the meeting last week. You wrote it down...somewhere.  As you enter a relaxed, zen-like state, they tap their fingers impatiently on the table and begin searching their phone for a more reliable company to work with. By the time you remember them (with a dawning sense of horror), you've lost their business forever.  So much for relaxation.


Work/life balance has been a hot topic for years, with the focus mainly on having a better quality of life.  But what about striving for a better quality of work?  When you put all your focus on improving the life side, the work side can get neglected. Deadlines can be missed, leads can be lost and clients and can feel forgotten, causing even more unwanted stress to bleed into your free time.  A healthy balance can seem impossible.  This is where business management software comes to your rescue: a single software service accessible across all your devices that helps you manage your inbox,  schedule, tasks, sales leads, marketing campaigns and more, streamlining your business activities to help you stay calm and in control.  Want to learn more? Contact Solution Sense today to learn how we can help you achieve a better balance all around.



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