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We get it, choosing software to help you run your business can be overwhelming. But as with all daunting tasks, it helps to break it down into easily managed steps. Here are three pain-free ways to incorporate software into managing your business, letting you increase productivity and run your business more smoothly.


  • Sticky Notes. No, not the little yellow squares of paper that have the habit of curling up, falling off and disappearing, but rather the kind that exist virtually, on your computer's desktop. With the click of an icon a new note appears on your screen. You can resize it, move it around, layer other notes on top of it, change fonts, highlight text, and when you no longer need it you can quickly delete it. No more crumpled up bits of paper collecting under your desk. There are several free choices available for digital sticky notes, and since they are quick to download and install and easy to use, we recommend you try out a couple to find the one you like best.


  • Desktop Stop-Watch. Are you always under or over estimating how much time it takes you to complete a task? Do you guestimate how much time you spent on a project for a client and lose income by guessing too low? This is where a free digital stopwatch on your desktop can come in handy. Track your time working for a client to keep your billing accurate, and start timing your routine tasks to learn how long they actually take (bonus points if you record your list of timed tasks on your digital sticky notes) and soon you'll be planning your day with a more realistic expectation of what can be accomplished.


  • Business management software. Don't panic; it's not as scary as it sounds. While there are software systems that take ages to download, occupy way too much space on your hard drive, and come with a million complex features you have no use for, modern day varieties can be much more user friendly. Solution Sense software is one of them. It's cloud based so there is nothing to download, and you can access it on any device. Better yet, its features are available a la carte, so you're never stuck with ones you don't need. You can start small, and add in additional features when and if you want them. If you find you have a feature you don't use, you can remove it while keeping the ones you do use.


If your curiosity is piqued and you'd like to learn more about how to incorporate software into managing your business by starting small, give Solution Sense a call today.



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