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EVENT Manager


Whether you have an events company who run 


Add your text, images vidoes, set your prices, 

thousands of events every year, or you are just a 

small team that need help running an event every 

 now and then. Our software can make your job a 

lot quicker and easier.

location, which staff are holding the event and off 

 you go.


Get your event fees in fast as your attendees can 

 pay through any of their preferred digital 

channels and you can set automated reminders 

 for payment, attendance, feedback and a whole 

Your attendees can book your events on any 

 lot more with the simple click of a button.


digital platform, be that websites, social media, 

your events App or from their own client accounts 

or of course at the event directly if you prefer.


From as little as £12.96 per week  

+ VAT you can hold up to 17 events and take 216 

event bookings or for example you can create 43 

events and take up to 2600 event bookings for 

only £43.29 per month.


If you are struggling to fill your events, simply click to create a  

flash sale and get an offer out to all your potential attendees 

so that they can use it to book through websites, social media 

 platforms, emails and SMS messages to fill the empty places.