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Not something to be afraid of!

With all the hype around GDPR, a lot of companies are using the new data protection leglislation as a scare tactic to get money from you. Here at Solution Sense, we want our customer to feel 100% comfortable with using us as a business support outlet and also using our software package.


I wanted to share with you exactly why you are in safe hands with us and why if you decide to use our software platform your business will be even more secure and easier to comply with GDPR. 


Here at Solution Sense we will never pass on your personal information to any third party company and we only hold what data is necessary on you to do our job properly, making sure we provide you the best service possibl.e


We use the exact same software we supply to our clients, if we did not believe in this platform 100% then we would not be using it our selves. 

Why are you not using Solution Sense for your business

support and software already?

Here is why you should!

How will it make your life easier and help you comply with GDPR?



  • Capturing and recording consent to hold and use their personal information. (in-line with the GDPR consent guidelines)
  • All communications are recorded and store under the one client (Right of Access)
  • Your clients can update their own profiles when ever they wish without any work from you. Maybe just a friendly reminder to them every now and then.
  • It has never been so easy for you to obtain opt-ins and permissions from your customers, all automatically updated without any work from you.
  • Set reminders to notify you when you need to get back in touch with someone regarding their data. 
  • Quickly and easily archive or delete single profiles or bulk customer accounts. 
  • Automatically logs & track changes being made in the software.
  • Add notes to customer accounts giving details of consent, changes to their account, meeting minutes, etc.
  • Be completely transpartent with your clients so they can trust you more and feel more comfortable using your company.
  • Multiple levels of security and encryption to prevent hackers obtaining your client data.
  • No API tie-ins, so even less back door entry points for data breaches
  • No duplicated data, so less opportunity to lose data, or have it solen from you. 
  • Cloud storage, access it anywhere in the world,  Plus its backed up.
  • Multiple levels of security on the system to stop your own staff accessing things they should not be.
  • If the ICO come knocking, you can  easily explain to them how you obtained that data, why you hold it, and give evidence of all the notes and communications you have had with that clients, and all your clients. 

2 of the biggest issues with GDPR & how we can help!



Data Security


With a multi-level security system and encrypted data, anyone trying to steal your customers information will have a very hard time getting in, even if they pass one level of security we are informed and we shut down your system to stop anyone gaining access to it.

As soon as the issue is rectified we will get it up and running again, so you can get back with doing business.

Staff mistakes are another reason businesses stuggle to manage their customer data correctly, with us you can manage exactly what your staff do and what they can see. 

Process customer data straight into the system and not onto notepads, so its secure straight from the get go.

No duplicated data crossing multiple API's means your customers information is extremely secure which means to you, you can sleep easy at night.

Data Control


Be transparent with your clients and give them control over the data you hold on them. Let them access their account and update their profile and marketing persmissions when ever they like, keeping the data you hold on them accurate and upto date.

Record and track how you captured their information and what you intend to do with it. 

Set alerts as to when you need to get back in touch with clients to make sure you still need to be holding their information. 

If your clients requests a right of access to all the informaiton you hold on them, you can obtain all this informaiton quickly and easily thanks to everything being recorded; from email, sms, payments, invoice and notes. All can quickly be obtained and given to your customers.