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All of the software's your business truly needs in one single platform!


Providing You With The Tools & Support


to help your customers step by step through your sales process

Take Control Of Your Business,

Dont Be Controlled


With a system suitable for sales, marketing and business management all in one, you’ll be able to save money and improve your workflows by moving to Solution Sense.

Staff only have to learn one system meaning people can multi-task and work together more easily – and with everything in one place, room for error is dramatically reduced!


Manage Everything From ONE System


Our focus is on helping you


Customer Management

Sale Pipeline

Website Designer

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

Event Manager

Diary & Bookings

Financial Control

Social Media 

Quickly and easily manage all areas of your business from just one software, with a few clicks of a button.

Everything is connected, so no more switching to a different software, logging in and managing duplicated data.

If we cant help your business become more efficient and effective then no one can. 


Automated Marketing

Sales Generation

Business Management

Every Interaction Your Business Has With The Outside World is Sent,

Received, Managed and Monitored From One Software

Built to support business growth, manage everything from one system, one login, anywhere in the world. 


Bookings, Sales, Marketing, Emails, Website and much more with just a click of a button!

Generate More Leads


  • Generate high quality leads
  • Sustainable business
  • Engage whilst the lead is hot
  • Increased conversions
  • Here to support you



Better Customer Service


  • Being in the mindset of your customers
  • Keep clients on track
  • Simple tools to help you understand your customers better
  • Get maximum value from your service.


Increase Sales


  • Simple communication
  • Quickly send direct emails/sms
  • Add them into pipelines to keep them on track,
  • Assign a member of staff to manage the client,
  • Add notes/reminders to their account,
  • Take payments
  • Plus more


Become More Productive


  • Built in diary
  • Your clients have their own login 
  • Saves you hours of hassel. 
  • Manage the amount of time clients use, so you dont give your time away for free.


Simplify, Automate & Streamline Business Processes



Managing your business does not need to be difficuilt or consume hours of your time communicating with clients, marketing, managing events, getting referrals or managing your time. Here at Solution Sense we can fully support your business with a world class all in one sales, marketing and business managment software to suit your companies specific needs. 


How much more effective could your business be if you could manage everything from just one cloud based platform that you can use on any digital device. Whether its managing your time, marketing your services or taking payments. You can manage your whole business with just a few clicks of your mouse making you more effective, efficient and profitable. 

The Basics


Client Relationship Management (CRM)


Social Media Marketing

Advanced Security

Email & SMS Marketing

GDPR Ready

Blog Content Manager

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Everything from Basics plus

Unliminted Blogs

Document Storage

Website Design Tool



Everything from Professionals plus


Stock Control

Mass Email Marketing - 1000 Emails p/day

Mass SMS Marketing - 500 SMS p/day



Everything from Enterprising plus

Mass Email Marketing - 5000 Emails p/day

Mass SMS Marketing - 2500 SMS p/day

Event Manager - 1500+ Bookings


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