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Manage, Promote & Support! 

Online Training Courses With Ease

Effective Yet Simple

Manage, Promote & Support! 

Online Training Courses With Ease

Effective Yet Simple

Highly Effective Online Training


Online training is a very effective and efficient method of generating additional income and also helping educate your customers. With our Online Training Manager, your can easily add your text, images, videos, set your prices and which staff to monitor the training.


Setting your course learning outcomes, modules, topics and assessments has been made simple, once done you're ready to go!


True Flexibility 


Your customers can use any digital platform to book a training course and you will be notified straight away. Whether it's on your website, their client login account, social media, or even your courses App. 

More Money For Your Business 


Get your customers to pay your course fees fast, as they can pay through any digital channel. If they may have forgotten about the fee, you can set up an automated reminder, which will send them a message about the payment.


You can also send automated messages reminding them about the training and also automated feedback questionnaires once they have completed the program. 


Sky Rocket Your ROI


With our Online Triaining Manager costing you as little as £12.96 per month + VAT, you can hold upto 17 courses and take 216 course bookings every month. If this is not enough you can boost it up to 43 courses and 2600 course bookings every month for only £43.29 + VAT per month.




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World Class Support


We have created our software highly intuitively so that you don't need extensive training on how to set up or how to use it. Should you need support, then we are here to setup your entire system perfectly for your business or you can also simply hire our support staff from only £29 per hour to assist when needed.