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What do you get within the Solution Sense platform package?


Our complete system includes...

Pro Software's

Do it yourself, let us help or we can manage it all for you!

Time Management of People, Equipment and or Facilities

Money, Stock and or Business Intelligence, Taking Deposits and Invoicing, even Boosting Revue with Flash Sales or Block Service Sales

Single Posts, Scheduled Posts, Campaign Grouping and Posting, Following and Un-Following, Commenting, Liking, Messaging and or Responding 

Single Messaging, Informational, Promotional, Confirmational, Transactional, Newsletters, Drip Campaigns and Analytical Data

Promotional, Confirmational, Transactional, Newsletter Links, Drip Campaign Links and Analytical Data

Drag n Drop, Click and Edit or Apply an Action like Auto-Respond, Add To or Go To, Set Layer Levels or Most Importantly, Create a Desktop, Tablet and REAL Mobile Website

Simple or Complex Events, Lead Generation, Sales or Educational, Building Collaboration 

Building Your Reputation, Brand, Trust, whether it’s Lead Generation and or Boosting your SEO Gains

Supporting Your Events, Courses and or Services, Coaching, Mentoring and or Tutoring

Prospecting, Client Management, Partner Collaborations, KPI Setting and Pipelines 

Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Three Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually, Lead Generation, Brand Building or Increasing Longer Term Engagement

Getting rid of Outlook or Thunderbird, Communications coming into One Software to Save You Time and Confusion, having every contact with  One Specific Profile

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SMS Marketing

EPOS & Stock

Email Marketing

Blog Management

Social Media

Event Manager

Website Designer

Online Training

Course Manager