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7 reasons business owners love Solution Sense

Solution Sense gives business owners the tools and support to grow their business, allowing them to focus on what they do best. 

All-In-One platform, saving you time, hassle and money


Become free from the hassle of running your business from multple pieces of software. Causing duplicated data, large amounts of time it takes to do anything, struggling to learn different softwares, unable to get them to connect with each other and then the cost of them all.


Solution Sense provides you with the worlds only fully integrated sales, marketing and business management platform.

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Manage your business anywhere, anytime


Get rid of those shackles tying you to your work desk. Solution Sense offers you a cloud based platform which you can manage from any digital device. Be it your laptop, your tablet or even your smart phone, you can now have the flexibilty to manage your business anywhere at anytime. Easily access your customer data, marketing channels, sales, & website, and respond quickly to any business activites.

Expand & grow your business with ease


Not having the correct systems in place can really limit the growth of a company. Solution Sense helps your business grow & expand by giving you all the tools your business truley needs to make growth easily and sustainable. 

We believe in building real relationships with our customers


We love building solid relationships with our customers as this is gives us the ability to know how we can make our services even better and how we can support you with your business growth, by adapting to your needs.

Whether you need help with system support or help with your marketing, we are only at the other end of a phone or skype call. 

Keeping things simple for you


Business can be stressful, which is why we believe in keeping things simple for you. Solution Sense understands the difficuilties in growing a business and the last thing a business needs is more confusing systems and tools, which is why we only provide you with the tools necessary to simplify, automate and make your more effective. 

No long term contracts


Depending on your business, you may need the ability to be flexible with your finances which is why we do not believe in tying you into any long term contracts and we even offer you PAYG options so you do not feel any pressure from financial commitments.


No matter how big or small you are, we are here to help you


Whether you have 100 employees, 10 employees or you are a one man band, we have a package that will suit your business needs. Solution Sense will support your growth and goals no matter what they are.

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